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Custom designed, highly efficient stoves & ranges combining triple combustion , furnace grade stainless steel fireboxes and an exacting eye to detail. Designed & hand-built in the West of England to last a lifetime...

Wasp 800 multifuel cooking range

Designed for off-grid & boat use, this solid fuel cooker features a triple-burn multifuel burner with airwashed glass & large oven, two hotplates and a central heating boiler.


Dimensions - 400 x 400 x 800mm wide (body) Leg length to your spec (recommend 200mm). Weight 95KG. This solid fuel cooker features removable hobs, the larger L.H one for main cooking, the RH for simmering, there is also a balance control for heat to hobs vs oven (top offcentre), air inlet control (bottom left) and flue butterfly valve..

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Multifuel cooking range with boiler no.800

Multifuel cooking range with boiler no.800